Masterclaes® Mixing with...

Unique and exclusieve seminars

Do you want to get an inside look at the session and vision of a world renowned FOH engineer? Then this Masterclaes is for you!

You can spend a whole day with max.15 participants in one room with a person that has incredible knowledge.

Ask your questions to a top professional and dive into his world.

A first session was planned with Marc Carolan, de mixer van Muse, Snow Patrol en The Cure.

But was cancelled due to COVID. We are working on it!

Topics are:

  • The carreer
  • Psychology of a FOH engineer
  • How do I handle a mix?
  • Mic selection and techniques
  • Gain structure
  • Outboard and plug-ins
  • The choice of effects
  • Dismantling a mix
  • Building a mix
  • Festival mixing
  • How to cope with dB limitations

De cost for this 1-day course is 350€ ex VAT.


"Marc Carolan of Muse?? Are you real??!!  Wout