Masterclaes® Compressors: 18/03/2024 Hasselt (BE) SOLD OUT!

Everything you want to know about compression, and more!

In this 1-day Masterclaes Peter explains every aspect about compression.

This course is very accessible and can be taken as a stand-alone but it is the perfect extension for the Live Mixing and Mixing in the Box courses.

If you are looking for the right practices and topologies of compression, then this is the course to follow! 

Hardware wil be compared with plug-ins and you get to learn to listen to Compression and Limiting.

Topics are:

  • Compression Basics
  • What kinds of Compression are there
  • What compressor on which instrument
  • What can we accomplish with Attack & Release times?
  • Peak or RMS?
  • Limiting
  • EQ and Compression, which comes first?
  • Series or Parallel Compression
  • Master Buss Compression
  • Multi-band compression
  • Mid-Side Compression
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Hardware vs Software
  • ...

The cost of this 1-day course is 250€ ex VAT

This course will be held at Peter's Masterclaes Studio in Hasselt (BE) in Dutch language.

Hours are 10AM-5PM with a Lunchbreak at noon. All drinks and a lunch are included.


"I never thought compression would make my mix so much better!" Bob