Masterclaes® Mixing in the Box: 04/03/2024 Hasselt (BE)

The foundation of the Studio Mixing journey for Musicians, Songwriters, Producers and Mix engineers.

In this 1-day Masterclaes Peter explains how he works in his studio environment.

This course is very accessible and interesting for every level.

With simple tips and tricks Peter will show you how to get a fantastic result very fast.

Mastering is also an essential part of this course to make your tracks compete with International productions

Topics are:

  • Management and organisation of a session
  • Gain structure: "Building a mix"
  • Polarity, Phase & Delay
  • EQ: Boost or Cut?
  • Compression: "The Basics"
  • 5 Basic Effects
  • Serial EQ & Compression
  • Using Hardware
  • Automation
  • Monitor levels
  • Mastering
  • Bouncing
  • Mixtips...Mixtips..Mixtips...

The Cost for this 1-day course is 295€ ex VAT

This course will be held in Peter's Masterclaes Studio in Hasselt, Belgium in Dutch Language

Hours are 10AM-5PM with a Lunchbreak at noon. All drinks and a lunch are included.

"It is amazing how much I learned during that day" Andy