"I've watched hundreds of tutorials on YouTube, but when Peter explains something I understand it immediately" (Stijn Tondeleir)

What can you expect?

I coach your sound

Following a Masterclaes is an inspiration. Every participant finds out elements that can be put into practice at each level. It is a vision that is shared to motivate everybody's knowledge and ambition.


Peter Claes is a Senior Sound Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the live-and studioworld.

Bands on his track record are: Grace Jones, Simple Minds, Arsenal, Hooverponic, Axelle Red, The Human League, CPeX, Milk Inc Live, Night of the Proms, Millionaire, The Sore Losers and many others.

He has more than 25 years experience as a teacher.

It all started at Muziek-O-Droom teaching a  basic course Sound Engineering and that has grown to Masterclaes® where over 500 people have participated in Masterclaes® Mixing, Advanced Mixing, Compressors, Effects and Mixing in the Box

You can also do a 1-on-1 session in Belgium or via Zoom for the ultimate personal experience.

Attended courses.

Live Seminars

This is the approach that has reached the majority of the people: taking a courses in a unique location or in Peter's Masterclaes Studio

Stay at home

Online lessons

With Covid Peter started his YouTube Channel and a lot of people saw his video's where he shared his knowledge. The result was that people from all over the world wanted to take lessons. So book your online lesson!